Feed format with RSS type does not display images

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Images are not parsed (by design) to be explicitly linked as resources and only displayed as potential wiki links. Of course if you need an image display, you are free to copy the resource file create your own result printer and parse images as needed.

17:22, 28 February 2013

Hello MWJames,

Would this mean that I would have to create different version of the "SMWResultPrinter" class which I found in the file called "SMW_ResultPrinter.php"?

Many thanks again

16:53, 20 March 2013

SMWResultPrinter (SMW\ResultPrinter in SMW 1.9) is an abstract class which can't be used directly as a template. If at all you should have a look at SMW\FeedResultPrinter (class in SMW 1.9), it is a final class which means you can't use inheritance, you just have to copy the class and change what ever it is you are looking for.

14:53, 21 March 2013