Semantic search

This table shows the configuration parameter(s) relating to "Full-text search" as area of configuration:
parameterdescriptionhelp page
$smwgEnabledFulltextSearchSets whether full-text search support for properties may be usedCon­figu­ration para­meter "$smwgEnabledFulltextSearch"
$smwgFulltextDeferredUpdateSets the number of expected full-text search index updatesCon­figu­ration para­meter "$smwgFulltextDeferredUpdate"
$smwgFulltextLanguageDetectionSets which languages to detect for the full-text search from an indexable textCon­figu­ration para­meter "$smwgFulltextLanguageDetection"
$smwgFulltextSearchIndexableDataTypesSets which datatypes are allowed to be indexed using the full-text searchCon­figu­ration para­meter "$smwgFulltextSearchIndexableDataTypes"
$smwgFulltextSearchMinTokenSizeSets the minimum word/token length to help to decide whether MATCH or LIKE operators are to be used for a condition statementCon­figu­ration para­meter "$smwgFulltextSearchMinTokenSize"
$smwgFulltextSearchPropertyExemptionListSets the property keys for which value assignments are being exempted from the full-text indexingCon­figu­ration para­meter "$smwgFulltextSearchPropertyExemptionList"
$smwgFulltextSearchTableOptionsSets the full-text search table options to use during installation or updateCon­figu­ration para­meter "$smwgFulltextSearchTableOptions"